News: Obesity & Health


Obesity is a word that is used more and more in the western world. We are all concerned by the increasing weight of the new generation. The answer to the problem is not complicated but takes discipline and commitment to rectify.


People get fatter when they start eating more or start moving less. Very small changes in energy intake and expenditure result in very large extra storages of body fat.


When you consume more calories than that you burn by daily activities, you add weight on a daily basis. Multiply this by 365 days per year and you are confronted by an increase in weight.


Generally we will try to deny this to ourselves. By the time we decide that we need to do something about it, as our cloth don't quite fit anymore, we need to change our lifestyle that we are comfortable with. We are then confronted with discipline and commitment, which is what we didn't have before and got us in trouble in the first place.


 Benefits of Movement


By the time a child is 6 years old, she/he would have spend one complete year of his life in front of the TV. A child's weight is controlled by calories consumed and calories burned. Sport is a large part of this stimulation, as exercise will create a healthier generation.


How many (indicative) calories do you use in sport activities:


Sitting behind the computer   89 calories/hr 
Play football 472 calories/hr
Play Baseball 350 calories/hr
Play Basketball 472 calories/hr
Play Tennis 472 calories/hr
Play Golf 266 calories/hr
Play Rugby  584 calories/hr


When you burn 3.500 calories more in one week, then that you consume, you would have lost 1 pound of weight ( 0.45kg), this would be the equivalent of 500 calories per day. Looking at the above table that would be approximately the equivalent of one hour of sport per day.